Case Studies

Ormiston Primary School

Harvey Furnishings recently completed a project at Ormiston Primary in south east Auckland. We supplied roller blinds to the school across two stages (2016 and 2018). Ormiston Primary had a few requirements for their sun screening solution and we managed to meet them head on.

Some background on Ormiston

Ormiston is situated in Flat Bush, east of Manukau and south of Howick. A relatively new township, development started in 2007, though the area is already well on its way to becoming home for the expected 40,000 inhabitants. The primary school itself is relatively new, and has only been operating since 2015. Ormiston has been carefully planned, and boasts a stunning sense of cohesion between homes, businesses, amenities and schools. It was important that Ormiston School's blinds reflected that.

What was Ormiston Primary looking for in their blinds?

In addition to fitting in with the larger cohesion of the school and surrounding neighbourhood, Ormiston School also wanted a solution that was sustainable - a material that was produced with the environment in mind. In addition to these green factors, there are a few other things that roller blinds in a school need to do.

Shading from light and heat are, of course, right up there. But considerations also needed to be made for safety and longevity. When all of these factors were weighed up, we made the choice to specify Sheerweave 4300.

Why was Sheerweave 4300 the best solution?

Sheerweave 4300 (SW4300) is a half basket weave sunscreen. It's considerably greener than many alternatives, since it uses bio based plasticisers instead of fossil fuel based ones. But what does that mean? Plasticisers provide materials with a little more flexibility and strength. Usually these are fossil based and rely not only on a finite resource, but also produce carbon emissions during manufacturing. This means that Sheerweave 4300 performs just as well as a less environmentally friendly material would.

In addition to the lower footprint, Sheerweave 4300 is also free from lead, phthalate and formaldehyde and has no PVC odour. It's easy to clean, and prior to installation is given an antimicrobial treatment to prevent build up of bacteria, mould and mildew. Furthermore, it's flame retardant to all international standards.

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